Private Karaoke Services For Chicago

Are you planning a special birthday party for you or a loved one and think karaoke can help personalize a social experience by inviting people to sing the soundtrack of their life? Planning a company party and think karaoke can get people to get to know each other in unexpected and personal ways? Planning a wedding and want to weave in karaoke serenades to make it extra special?

The People’s Stage karaoke is up for these challenges.

TPS Karaoke is available to provide private karaoke services all over Chicago for your special upcoming event. Rates are based on amount of time, occasion/planning required, gear, amount of guests and location of the event.

Service includes quality speakers, sub-woofers, spotlights, effects lights wireless microphones (4), projectors, monitors. Along with a series of consultations if needed to make sure service is equal to and exceeds expectations.

Pablo Serrano hosts all private events from birthday parties, company holiday parties, to larger fundraisers and Weddings. Every event is a unique cultural event where music is an important synthesis of the people gathered there to have a good time. Out of respect for this Pablo works very hard to prepare as a karaoke host, dj, and mc to be ready for wherever people want to go in search of a good time. Numerous past experiences have prepared Pablo to work with the most diverse communities in Chicago both young and old. Having grown up in the Pilsen community of Chicago he is proud to be bilingual and capable of synthesizing both Mexican and American aspects of our culture when needed too.

A lot of gear, music and energy go into every party and the quote provided is a reflection of this commitment to you and your party.

Pablo very much welcomes people to come check him out at any of the  5 venues he performs at weekly in the Pilsen/UIC area or at any of the special shows he organizes often too with different cultural partners in Chicago.


tel: 312.451.3071 (please leave a message about event and he will get back to you)