Karaoke Host Pablo Serrano

The People’s Stage Karaoke is a social project being carried out by self-described cultural worker/artist Pablo Serrano. Pablo believes in the tremendous potential of karaoke as a way to invite people to take ownership of the music that marks part of the soundtrack of our lives. By inviting people to shift from being a passive consumers of culture to active producers, he hopes that people view themselves as cultural agents sharing music of different eras, styles, meanings for the sake of building bridges across cultural differences and having a fun time doing it.


The commitment PabloSerrano hopes to respect is an understanding that everyone is at different points in their musical understanding and their singing capacity. This is not a platform to focus exclusively on professional singers (even though their excellence is greatly appreciated and welcomed) but is one that welcomes all individuals’ courage to share a song to a broader audience to the best of their capacity. Doing this over time he’s seen people become more assertive about singing whatever they value and as witnessed serious growth in their ability to sing beyond initial limitations.

Karaoke Thursday at Harbee's

Karaoke Thursday at Harbee’s

The goal behind this work is to provide a stage where everyone takes responsibility in sharing and expression of music that gives that social experience a very unique form that does not exclusively emerge from the DJ. Through the best technology available to Pablo he hopes to create quality experiences that capture and amplify the quality singing he’s observed over time. Whether it’s for a bar, or at a private party, or a fundraiser his goal is to co-create wonderful social musical experiences with anyone interested in sharing their music.

The work is challenging, every song mix is unique, and setting the tone with a group a strangers is hard but the reward is in the smiles and memories created in everyone that had their turn to shine and supported each other when it was their time to share.

Get in touch with me via phone at: 312-451-3071 , via email at pserrano79@gmail.com.com or Facebook.