Welcome to Chicago’s Best Karaoke Experience








Sábado Sabroson

New Night! Sabado Sabroson! 1st Saturdays featuring live music from guest bands and elite karaoke performances along with guest dj’s. Not a regular karaoke night where the stage is open to everyone but more of  baile/dance karaoke showcase for people interested in dancing and hearing the best of the best.





Welcome to Chicago’s best karaoke experience: People’s Stage Karaoke w/ Pablo Serrano. Whether you are looking for a night out at one of the 3 weekly shows now offered to celebrate a social occasion with friends and loved ones, or interested in weaving this experience into a special private event, karaoke entrepreneur Pablo Serrano is ready to work with you on getting the most out of karaoke.With his constant professional experience in community art and educational fields, Pablo understands the importance of giving people control over the soundtrack of their entertainment experiences and allowing people to literally sing and dance their culture.

In a city as diverse as Chicago the stage becomes a way to go beyond ourselves and embrace our eclectic community through song and dance. With 4 years of professional karaoke hosting experience at a wide array of different social gatherings, Pablo synthesizes these rich histories in the present through his dj mixing and hosting to try and make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Any questions? Please feel very free to reach out to Pablo at

312-451-3071 or pserrano79@gmail.com